Anna Melikhova

Anna Melikhova

Я фанат моды. Снимаю фэшн , гламур, работаю с модельным агентствами и брендами одежды.

Why so expensive / cheap?


You are only working in Ukraine (in which regions)?


Do I need to make an advance payment, and in what amount?


Number of photos and processed?

Найкращи до 100

Wedding pictures are further processed?


You are working with an assistant, why do you need one?

Ни сама

How many photos do you do during the wedding?

Не роблю

What places do you recommend to shoot wedding photos on a walk?

центр мсця та Лиля води

How long will it take for a photo shoot at the wedding walk?

4 години

Up to what point is continued photographing weddings?

Поки не розийдуьься гости

At what point you begin photographing weddings?

Я не знимаю весилля

What type of equipment do you use?

Canon eos 500d kit

What style you photograph?


You can work abroad?


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Average price:
1,250 грн.
1 year
Discount with a promocode -
  • Fashion
    500 грн. - 2,000 грн.
  • Glamor
    500 грн. - 2,000 грн.
  • Videographer
    500 грн. - 2,000 грн.
  • TFP / TFCD
  • Gift certificates

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