Анастасия Храмчихина
Анастасия Храмчихина

Анастасия Храмчихина

... на фотографиях все как-то лучше, правильнее, добрее…..

Do you have proven makeup artists, stylists, barbers? If yes then call a couple of names or references for their work to be able to look at their work (if link).

да конечно.
https://vk.com/shumilovaliliya - визажист
https://vk.com/shamotann - парикхмахер

Tell us about your favorite genres

Детская фотография, репортаж

Are there any promotions or discounts on wedding photography?

конечно! При заказе полного свадебного дня лавстори - в подарок! :)

Slideshow of photos?


Why so expensive / cheap?

не дорого и не дешево - ровно столько сколько стоит моя работа.

Number of photos and processed?

около 500 фото

How many photos do you do during the wedding?

около 800 фото

How long will it take for a photo shoot at the wedding walk?

От двух часов до дня (в зависимости от задач и пожеланий клиента)

Up to what point is continued photographing weddings?

До свадебного торта

You can work abroad?

Да вполне, я уже имела опыт съемки репортажа в Монако и Греции

You are only working in Ukraine (in which regions)?

Нет, могу выезжать за границу

Do you take shooting photos/videos from a drone?


Is it possible to shoot love-story before the wedding?


Do you have a replacement in case of force majeure?


Do you sign the agreement for services?


Whether you're shooting video?


Period of return?

около месяца-полтора

Did you make a photo book?


There is a separate shooting day?

по пожеланию клиента

Do I need to make an advance payment, and in what amount?

Да, 100 уе если это свадебная съемка

Wedding pictures are further processed?

Да, конечно!

You are working with an assistant, why do you need one?


What places do you recommend to shoot wedding photos on a walk?

Все индивидуально, зависит от пожеланий клиента, к каждому свой подход!

At what point you begin photographing weddings?

Сбор невесты

What type of equipment do you use?

Sigma 35mm, Обзор Nikon AF Nikkor 75-300mm 1:4.5-5.6

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Average price:
7,150 грн.
7 years
  • Photosession
    1,300 грн. - 3,000 грн.
    (1,300 грн./h.)
  • Reportings
    1,300 грн. - 7,000 грн.
    (1,300 грн./h.)
  • Wedding Photographers
    2,600 грн. - 13,000 грн.
    (1,300 грн./h.)
  • Kid photo shoot
    1,300 грн. - 2,600 грн.
    (1,300 грн./h.)

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